Stop Call Me – Call Blocker

An easy way to block unwanted calls using community database, blacklist.
Block unwanted calls using community database or blacklist. No need to waste time or waking up from unwanted calls with advertisment, collectors, banks and other “spam”.

Main features:

block incoming call by community database;

block by blacklist;

block hidden/private numbers;

block foreign numbers;

don’t block contacts;

block all except contacts;

don’t block numbers from whitelist;

delete blocked calls from call log;

show SIM number for calls;

notification about blocked calls.


ready and constantly updated database (collectors, microfinance institutions, banks, organizations, imposing unneeded services “spam” or other unwanted numbers);

high-speed blocking;

compatible with most phones, including 2-SIM phones;

minimum processor, memory, and battery loading;

quick on/off settings; 

quickly add/remove incoming number to/from black/whitelist;- beautiful and simple interface.

We send only ANONYMOUS statistic on our servers for extending community database.

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